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“Fostering a youth initiative that promotes 

healthy lifestyles through sports”


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"Fostering A Youth Initiative That Promotes Healthy Lifestyles Through Sports"

  • We are a non-profit organization geared at youth programs and community involvement.

  • We employ high school kids on our staff each summer.

  • Kids Day Clinics - July 29, Aug 5

Cancer Awareness Day - July 7th

Our annual Cancer Awareness Day features guest speakers from Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Cancer Walkathon - Thanks to the walkers & vendors that supported!


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Pro Am Of Charlotte

The History of The Pro Am of Charlotte

As Charlotte Pro-am, the summer league that made the city of Charlotte well known for many years ended his final season in 2001, Jeff McInnis, former UNC standout and veteran NBA pro had a vision. His vision was to create a new summer league, totally unique in it's own right, where the best NBA and current professional overseas players could compete during the summer with the best college players in the area. All this while creating an environment where the youth in the Charlotte community could meet these talented players up close and personal. 

From 2001-2004 the league flourished under the guidance of Jeff McInnis, Corey Baker and Clarence Johnson. After the 2004 season, Jeff McInnis, due to his still ongoing NBA schedule and starting his own AAU Organization decided to step down as league organizer and sponsor. Around that time, Corey Baker relocated to Fayetteville NC to pursue his high school coaching and mentoring career. This left Clarence Johnson to keep the successful program going. He enlisted the help of Brett Badgett, a current player in the league and the two continued the tradition already in place with the same common goal, which was providing a youth initiative based program featuring the best talented basketball players in the area.

From 2004-2014 the league became known as the Pro-am of Charlotte. It's mission was to provide a youth initiative promoting healthy lifestyles through sports. 

The most significant addition during this time period was the introduction of Anthony Morrow, local high school star, college standout at Georgia Tech and NBA veteran, as league supporter. Under the guidance of Clarence Johnson, Brett Badgett and Anthony Morrow the league grew tremendously and the community support reached new heights. 

Community Initiatives:  Free Youth Clinics, Cancer Awareness Day-Focus on Prevention and Early Detection Day, Chronic Disease Day and the Young Ladies Empowerment Program-Focus on Teenage Domestic Violence. With the birth of these programs Pro-am of Charlotte soon became known as a basketball league with something for the entire community.

Pro-am of Charlotte continues to be a premier NBA and NCAA certified pro-am summer league in the south. Great basketball, youth clinics and outreach programs all come together as one. Indeed something for the entire family. The current mission is still simply, "Fostering a Youth Initiative That Promotes Healthy Lifestyles Through Sports."

Brett Badgett-Senior Adviser

Pro-am of Charlotte

"Fostering a Youth Initiative That Promotes Healthy Lifestyles Through Sports."

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